Lilac Breasted Roller

The lilac breasted roller is one of my favourite South African birds – it has such a wide variety of colours in its feathers.  While I saw quite a few on my trip, usually it was while we were driving and they were flying away – not the best opportunity for capturing a photo.  Here though, I lucked out.  A bright sunny day really brings out the feather colours, but the flat white sky also serves as a good backdrop.

1/500sec, f7.1, ISO 500

1/500sec, f7.1, ISO 500

3 thoughts on “Lilac Breasted Roller

  1. Love these little guys!!! Did you mom just love her pics? Hope u and fam had a great holiday! We did very relaxing and fun!


    • Yes, Mom and Dad loved the prints 🙂 I used this roller photo for my Mom’s birthday card as well. The holidays were lovely, great food and family time – exactly as they were meant to be. Have a lovely day Christy.

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