2015-12-04: International Cheetah Day

I wouldn’t have known that it was International Cheetah Day if I hadn’t come across a post about it on a blog I follow (de Wets Wild, which I would highly recommend if you are interested in South African wildlife).

I’ve been fortunate to spend a fair bit of time with cheetahs now, both during my time with Wildlife Act last year, and this past holiday.  I’ve seen a somewhat half-hearted (and unsuccessful) hunt, but I have never seen them going at full speed, except on the wildlife documentaries I’ve seen on TV.  Perhaps my time will come to see that in person 🙂

I hope you enjoy my selection of cheetah photos today.  TGIF, and have a great day everyone!

20151204_International Cheetah Day-4

An unknown male cheetah was spotted our first evening at Londolozi. 1/320sec, 55.6, ISO4500 May, 2015

20151204_International Cheetah Day-5

On the second night at Londolozi, some time with the resident male cheetah. 1/250sec, f6.3, ISO 5000 Londolozi Private Game Reserve, May, 2015

20151204_International Cheetah Day-3

Late afternoon grooming time with one of the little ones. 1/250sec, f8.0, ISO 3600 Phinda Private Game Reserve, May 2015

20151204_International Cheetah Day-2

One of the cheetah brothers at Phinda, heading for a shady spot as the day warms up. 1/640sec, f8.0, ISO 320 Phinda Private Game Reserve May, 2015

20151204_International Cheetah Day

No rest for the weary! This mama had her paws full with 3 rambunctious cubs. 1/1000sec, f6.3, ISO 1250


5 thoughts on “2015-12-04: International Cheetah Day

  1. Beautiful, beautiful photographs Jen! Aren’t they just the most graceful creatures!? Here’s hoping that generations to come will still be able to experience the thrill of an encounter with a wild cheetah in its natural habitat.

    Thanks you also for the kind words about de Wets Wild!

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