2015-12-27: What I’ve seen this week

This week, all the photos were taken in my backyard, watching the birds.  The pine grosbeaks have discovered the bird feeder, and a flock of them now frequent the area; today I got distracted by the group fluttering around and lost count after 12.  I think here were around 16 or more individuals at one point.  It’s wonderful to have them close and listen to them calling to one another.

We’ve had some significant snow yesterday and today, and I’m late getting on with editing and posting as I was busy using the snow blower on the driveway and shovelling out a new pathway to the feeders.

Some of the photos were taken out the window from the basement, giving a unique angle to the feeder… I’ve had to shovel out in front of the windows to be able to see the birds on the ground!

That’s enough chatter for this evening, I hope you enjoy seeing some of the lovely birds that have visited this week (the deer have been around too, but always after dark so no photos of them this week).

The pine grosbeaks have been around in force since they discovered the feeders:

20151227_What I've seen this week-1220151227_What I've seen this week-1420151227_What I've seen this week-5

20151227_What I've seen this week-13

A pine grosbeak shares the feeder with a common redpoll

20151227_What I've seen this week-1520151227_What I've seen this week-920151227_What I've seen this week

The hairy woodpecker stopped by for some seed as investigating the trees.

20151227_What I've seen this week-420151227_What I've seen this week-220151227_What I've seen this week-3

The flickers have been visiting regularly, though are usually quite skittish and fly away if anyone is outside.

20151227_What I've seen this week-1620151227_What I've seen this week-1120151227_What I've seen this week-17.jpg

The grey jays have been around frequently as well.  They are usually quite skittish but I was outside taking photos of the grosbeaks Saturday and one of the jays stopped in for a snack; previously they would fly away if they saw someone move too quickly at the window.20151227_What I've seen this week-720151227_What I've seen this week-620151227_What I've seen this week-8

I’m not a fan of the squirrels on the bird feeders (and with the set up I have, that hasn’t been a problem) but I’m happy for them to stop by and act as the clean up crew.

20151227_What I've seen this week-10

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