2016-03-06: What I’ve seen this week

I took my camera with me everywhere this past week, but just didn’t have any inspiration to use it.  It happens sometimes!  Last night though was brilliantly clear, so I headed outside for a couple shots of the stars.  I was too tired to head anywhere more exciting then my front yard though.

Here are a couple shots from last night.

Have a great week everyone!

20160306_What I've seen this week

I do love that I can walk outside to inky blackness like this. I wish I would have had the foresight to see what stars I was photographing last night.

20160306_What I've seen this week-2

I put the Tamron on my D5100 to get an effective 900mm lens. I had read and heard before that the movement of the stars is exaggerated by longer lens. Is it ever. This is Jupiter at 20sec, f6.3, ISO 800

20160306_What I've seen this week-3

The best I could do with frozen fingers – Jupiter and one of it’s moons. 1.6sec, f6.3, ISO 2000

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