2016-05-29: All About the Light

It’s been a slow week for photos on my daily walks; and I had planned to spend some time photographing the hummingbirds this weekend, but yesterday slipped away from me, and today is completely miserable.  So, it was into my archive of photos to edit instead.

The following are a pretty random group of photos,the only real common element being lovely light.

I hope you enjoy!

20160529_All about the light 1

A leopard in the Okavango Delta in bright, early morning light. I love the glow of the long grasses framing the leopard.

20160529_All about the light 2

An Okavango sunset, with hints of light on the marsh grasses.

20160529_All about the light 3

A lone giraffe traverses through the low, scrubby brush at Phinda Game Reserve.

20160529_All about the light 4

A pair of springbok near Sossusvlei, Namibia. I think the glow of the sun provides an interesting outline to the pair.

20160529_All about the light 5

I don’t quite know what it is about this photo, but I really like it.


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