2016-06-26: What I’ve seen this week

Gratefully, I have something to share this week!

First off are a couple photos from about two weeks ago that I forgot I took.

20160626_What I've seen this week-2

I’ve shared a photo of a hermit thrush once before, but this sighting, while from the photo seems pretty ordinary, was a rather special one for me.  There has been a birdsong that has driven me near crazy for years as I could never figure out what bird was making the sound.  Finally, I know 🙂

If you’d like to know what a hermit thrush sounds like, click here.  The third song down is the closest to what I’ve been hearing from the bushes for years.

20160626_What I've seen this week

I spotted this pileated woodpecker in the bush behind my house on the way back from walking the dog.  Since I normally catch them on the power poles, it was nice to have it in a more natural environment.

Now for the new stuff!

My Tuesday walks were very exciting, as in the morning I saw a doe and two fawns, and in the afternoon I saw a small black bear.  I didn’t get any photos of the bear, as Spencer barked like crazy and it took off from the roadside bushes deep into the forest, but my time earlier with the deer more than made up for that!

20160626_What I've seen this week-3

I spotted mama on the top of my street, and kept well back when I heard rustling in the bushes on the opposite side of the road.  It was her two little fawns unsure of how to get out from behind a fence.

20160626_What I've seen this week-4

The doe is a deer I am quite familiar with (and her with me) and she was not at all uncomfortable with my presence, though I kept as much distance as I could since I had the dog (gratefully he didn’t make a sound).

20160626_What I've seen this week-5

Checking before crossing the road.

20160626_What I've seen this week-6

Pausing in a local yard to feed the kids before moving on.

20160626_What I've seen this week-7

Later in the week, I saw mama again, this time on her own.  I love the angles and the sunlight in her eye.

I briefly saw the family again yesterday morning, and saw hoof prints of the three at the end of my driveway, so they are definitely sticking around the area.  Fingers crossed I will see them all again soon.

Have a great week everyone!

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