2016-07-03: What I’ve seen this week

While the weather has continued to be unsettled, I have had a few opportunities to get out and photograph birds in the yard in the sunshine.  I’ve been spotting a pair (and possibly even three) pileated woodpeckers while out walking, but haven’t managed to get a decent shot of them all together.  The same with the flickers.  I came across a family group yesterday while walking; first a pair flew out from the bushes on the roadside, and then another two or three shortly thereafter.  But enough of what I don’t have photos of…

20160703_What I've seen this week-4

The swallows have a favourite dead tree branch that they like to perch on for a few moments in between the search for bugs.  Here one calls out for the rest of the group.

20160703_What I've seen this week-2

It’s sad for me to think that there is only another month or so that we will enjoy having the hummingbirds around before they begin the journey south again.  With 4 feeders around the yard, and loads of flowering plants that they enjoy, the group here are spoiled for feeding choices.

20160703_What I've seen this week-5

The bright midday sun really brings out the beautiful iridescent green and purple colours of the swallows back and wing feathers.

20160703_What I've seen this week-6

A quick pre-flight check of the undercarriage.

20160703_What I've seen this week

We’ve had to modify the suet feeder with smaller mesh to keep the ravens from eating it all in one sitting… it doesn’t look fabulous, but it does the job!  While there are two suet and two seed feeders available, for some reason the red-breasted nuthatches decided to have a squabble over this one.  I’ve seen three nuthatches on the suet feeder all at once, so I don’t know what caused tempers to flare.

20160703_What I've seen this week-7

Not the best bird-in-flight photo, but I’ve included it anyway because it highlights the wingspan of these small birds.

20160703_What I've seen this week-3

This curved branch really does seem to be the favourite of the swallows. I have only occasionally seen them stop anywhere else!

Have a wonderful week!

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