2016-07-31: Cee’s B&W Challenge – Large Subjects

With a theme of large subjects, I get to share photos of my favourites – ELEPHANTS!

I hope you enjoy 🙂

20160731_CB&W Large Objects 3

A herd of elephants making their way from the bushes onto the road.  We ended up having to do a lot of backwards driving to give them the space they deserve.  Phinda Game Reserve, South Africa. April 2015.  1/640 sec, f8.0, ISO 2000

20160731_CB&W Large Objects 1

Elephant Portrait, Phinda Game Reserve, South Africa. April 2015.  1/640 sec, f9.0, ISO 6400

20160731_CB&W Large Objects 2

A gentle giant crossing the river.  Londolozi Game Reserve, South Africa. May 2015.  1/1000 sec, f8.0, ISO 320


Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Large Subjects CB&W

9 thoughts on “2016-07-31: Cee’s B&W Challenge – Large Subjects

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  2. Awesome! Particularly the close ups. In black&white their skin becomes almost three-dimensional! I wish I had had a better camera when we were in Zimbabwe (a long time ago).

    • Thank you so much! Hopefully you will have the opportunity to get up close to elephants again sometime in the future, with a great camera in hand 🙂

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