2016-07-31: WPC Narrow

Another week has come to an end, and I have no photos from the week to share.  I’ve not done much though in terms of the WordPress photo challenges or challenges from other photo bloggers, so I thought I would work on those today instead.

I mentioned recently that I’m heading off on holiday at the end of August; I’m planning on having my usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday posts pre-scheduled, but it may take a bit of extra time to respond to any comments.  If I get the opportunity to post on here from the road, I will definitely do so.  I’m also posting my photography on both Facebook and Instagram (different photos to those featured on this blog), and will more likely be on those while away.  Links are always available on my About Me page, and are below for easy reference.

Have a great week everyone!

Facebook: @jennifersawickyphotography

Instagram: jensawicky

20160731_WPC Narrow 3

Narrow shafts of sunlight escape from behind the clouds.  Okavango Delta, Botswana. April 2015.  1/320sec, f9.0, ISO 100.  

This photo of the Okavango Delta is available for purchase here.


20160731_WPC Narrow 2

A narrow road through the incredibly vast Damaraland landscape.  I snapped this photo from a beautiful lookout where a picnic breakfast had been set up.  And by picnic breakfast, I actually mean a full kitchen was set up to make bacon and eggs, or anything else you could want.  It was such a lovely morning.  Damaraland, Namibia, April 2015.  1/400sec, f13, ISO 2000

This photo of the Namibian desert is available for purchase here.


20160731_WPC Narrow

Repeated animal movements create pathways through the tall grasses, and as the flood waters come in, they turn into narrow channels.  Okavango Delta, April 2015.  1/1250sec, f9.0, ISO 720


WordPress Photo Challenge – WPC: Narrow

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