2016-08-07: What I’ve seen this week

Despite having little to show for it, I actually had a couple great days of deer sightings.  I saw a young female while out walking; I had my camera with me, but had forgotten to replace to memory card, so I only have this mobile phone snap.  It’s a real shame too, as she was so relaxed and close, it would have been a great opportunity for photos 😦

20160807_What I've seen this week

Friday, the same young female showed up in my yard, followed shortly thereafter by a doe and two fawns.  I only managed a single photo I liked from that sighting, as they were crossing onto another property by the time I could get out with my camera, but was excited to discover that it wasn’t the same doe and fawns I saw last month.

20160807_What I've seen this week-2

That’s all I have for this week.  I hope the coming week is wonderful for you!

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