2016-08-14: What I’ve seen this week

It’s been a great week for photos and I have real variety of things to share, so I will wish everyone an excellent week, and get on with the photos!

20160814_What I've seen this week

I went outside to try and get a shot of a hairy woodpecker that I saw in a tree, and discovered this juvenile red-breasted sapsucker pecking away at one of the birch trees.  This bird had no interest in getting into a better position for photo taking!

20160814_What I've seen this week-8

I’d planned to try and see the meteor shower last night with a friend, but after a sun day some crazy weather rolled in.  I missed capturing any lightning, but got the dramatic clouds.

20160814_What I've seen this week-7

Closer to town there was a double rainbow visible, but no where to pull over and take a photo.  This is one of the fields up the road from my house.

20160814_What I've seen this week-6

I couldn’t stay awake long enough for the moon to set and have a better view of the stars, but here it was doing such a beautiful job lighting the clouds.

20160814_What I've seen this week-5

A 923 second single exposure.

20160814_What I've seen this week-4

A meteor from Thursday evening.

20160814_What I've seen this week-3

I believe this pair of fawns are the same ones I spotted last weekend.  They spent loads of time in the yard, nibbling the trees and jostling each other for access to the salt lick.  We can call this one Fawn #1.

20160814_What I've seen this week-2

And here is Fawn #2.  I saw mama both early in the morning and later in the day with these two, but when they ventured into the back garden she wasn’t visible (but I am certain very close by).

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