2016-12-18: What I’ve seen this week

I managed to capture a few photos of some of the local wildlife this week.  I hope you enjoy, and have a great Sunday.


I’ve been seeing this rabbit in the neighbourhood for months, and it makes me sad as it is definitely not one of the regular wild hares, but likely a pet that someone abandoned.  During the bitterly cold snap we have been having, I make sure there is some of the feed we leave for the deer accessible for him/her.


Fluffed up against the -28C temperatures.  This flicker spent the day back and forth between the suet feeder and places like this to rest.


Just like last winter, the deer bowl was empty, so split-ear raided the sunflower seeds I leave out for the birds.  And, she’s teaching her young ones the same tricks!


Four deer were in the yard when it was time for me to fill feeders; they are quite comfortable with me and I knew they wouldn’t go far when I was outside, so I took my camera along and grabbed a few photos.  Good thing it had warmed up enough that I only needed gloves on, not mittens.  Operating a camera with mittens is just not functional.


Food fight!


Not quite the customer I had in mind for the sunflower seeds!

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