2017-03-27: Monochrome Monday

For Monochrome Monday this week, I decided to share some birds in black and white.  I thought it was a nice way to emphasize the shapes amongst the environment.  Enjoy, and wishing everyone a great week ahead.


A brown snake age perched on Euphorbia near the Kazinga channel in Uganda.


Marabou storks, one of the undertakers of the bush, hang around at the back of a herd of wildebeest in the Masai Mara.  It won’t be long before their next meal.


A group of ostrich jog through the Selenkay Conservancy in Kenya.


A group of egrets in Amboseli, each with their own section of swamp to scour for tasty morsels.


A blacksmith lapwing near the Amboseli swamps.  I’ve seen these birds throughout my African travels, and they are always entertaining to watch.


A grey heron perched in the Amboseli swamp.


This little guy… I believe it is some type of plover, but as it is a juvenile, I can’t identify exactly which type.


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