2017-07-28: WPC Satisfaction

The challenge topic of the week is to share something that brings you satisfaction.  I really enjoy the editing process of photography.  To some, all the analyzing, sorting, reviewing, cropping, spot removal, colour correction, tweaks and enhancements must sound like some type of weird torture, but I find it incredibly relaxing and satisfying.  Especially when I am able to take images from moments that I really enjoyed, but may not have come out of the camera how I had hoped, and turn them into something interesting.

So here is a before and after image from a recent moment on safari.  Its been quite satisfying working on it!


Here is the image straight out of camera.  I liked the action of the elephants and that they were splashing through the water angled towards each other.   The light is falling on them very harshly though, making them appear rather featureless.


For this image, I cropped quite heavily and decided to edited it as a tinted black and white image, as I found the colour wasn’t really adding anything to the image.  I brought up some of the darker tones and shadows to be able to see the texture of the elephants bodies.  There are a lot of times when out on safari that there is no way to shoot with better lighting conditions; we were parked on a steep hill at the side of the river, and there were elephants on the banks as well as in the water, so there was no other safe place to go.  I think it’s all about making the best with what you get on the day; if you wait for the perfect lighting conditions, you may never take a shot!


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WPC Satisfaction

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