2018-02-01: WPC – Beloved

I could have gone two ways with a topic of Beloved for the photo challenge of the week.  And since I try my best not to post photos of my dog all the time, I went with my most beloved animal of the African bush, the elephant.  Now, anyone who has followed my blog for a while knows that I love elephants, so this should come as no surprise.  They are my favourite animal to spend time with (besides my dog, of course!).

I selected the images below because they represent all ages and a variety of different habitats that elephants make their homes in.  I hope you enjoy.


A herd of desert adapted elephants in the Hoanib River in Namibia.  April, 2017.


A bachelor herd of elephants in the Boteti River in Botswana, May 2017.


Mama, Auntie and a precocious little baby seen in the Khwai concession of the Okavango Delta.  May, 2017


A couple of youngsters wrestling alongside a waterhole at Phinda in South Africa, May 2017.


A moment that I will treasure in my heart forever.  Being inspected by a baby elephant whilst on a morning game drive.  Londolozi, May 2017.


Please visit:
www.jennifersawickyphotography.com for wildlife, landscape and nature inspired artwork.


https://shopvida.com/collections/jennifer-sawicky for textiles inspired by my photography.


WPC: Beloved

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